FREE Coffee-Flavored Milk On A Sunday?

After my duty as a proctor in the midterm exam administered by the Department of Accountancy, Business Law and Taxation in UE Caloocan Campus, I dropped by the grocery store to purchase some items needed at home. While exiting the checkout counter with my purchases, my son handed me a paper cup of coffee, while saying, "Ma, taste this free sample and tell me what you think."

I took a sip and uttered, "It's yummy. Is this milk or coffee? Where did you get this? :-)" He said, "Of course you'll like it. Because it's being endorsed by your favorite singer."

"Really, this is endorsed by Sarah G???" My son laughed out loud and replied, "YES, exactly!" It suddenly made my coffee-flavored milk taste even better. :-D

I admit it, I'm a certified Sarah G. fanatic.😃 This is how I ended up going to the kiosk and having a photo-op with Sarah's poster.

Enjoying free coffee-flavored milk courtesy of BearBrand Adult Plus,
endorsed by my most favorite singer actress, Sarah G.



Have a fun Sunday everyone!


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