An open letter to a dear friend on Mother's Day

I know the pain, indeed it will not go away. But as time passes by, you will get used to it. Your Mother is happy in Heaven, knowing what you have achieved and still counting..she is so very proud of what you have become as a person, as a son to her  and a  brother to your siblings. Sigurado nagkukuwento na ang Nanay mo sa Heaven at ipinagmamalaki ka nya sa lahat ng makatagpo at makausap nya dun, kung gaano ka nagsikap at naging matagumpay sa pag abot ng iyong pangarap, na inihandog mo sa iyong pamilya at mahal sa buhay lalo na sa iyong Nanay. Cherish the memories when you were together here on earth. You have been a very good and loving son to your Mother, and I know you will always be. You are surrounded by friends who are like brothers and sisters to you, most especially your bestfriend, who is always by your side during your most challenging moments of grief, and by people who are always willing to give you their motherly love and care. In your heart, you know who they are. God b…

FREE Coffee-Flavored Milk On A Sunday?

After my duty as a proctor in the midterm exam administered by the Department of Accountancy, Business Law and Taxation in UE Caloocan Campus, I dropped by the grocery store to purchase some items needed at home. While exiting the checkout counter with my purchases, my son handed me a paper cup of coffee, while saying, "Ma, taste this free sample and tell me what you think."

I took a sip and uttered, "It's yummy. Is this milk or coffee? Where did you get this? :-)" He said, "Of course you'll like it. Because it's being endorsed by your favorite singer."

"Really, this is endorsed by Sarah G???" My son laughed out loud and replied, "YES, exactly!" It suddenly made my coffee-flavored milk taste even better. :-D

I admit it, I'm a certified Sarah G. fanatic.😃❤This is how I ended up going to the kiosk and having a photo-op with Sarah's poster.

Have a fun Sunday everyone!

Doctor's Appointment and Fridate

Had been suffering for one week from flu and allergy cough. TGIF, I visited my doctor for consultation.

True enough, she prescribed some medicines to address my health concerns but the best treatment I received are the hugs from a loving daughter. 😍❤

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new blog. I'm Ems, and this blog Emspreneur will be a platform where I will share with you things I have learned in my entrepreneurial journey. Do subscribe to be updated!

Thank you.